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All fitness levels and abilities are welcome in all classes. We tailor workouts to suit you!

All programs are coached by qualified trainers.

Awesome programs, amazing coaches, and an inspiring and friendly fitfam.

Whether you are a beginner or a fitness fanatic we've got you covered!

Safe child zone available for use at any class.  


Strength & Conditioning

A functional training program that incorporates strength and conditioning, coached by a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer. This program continually varies for maximum results and incorporates Olympic weightlifting, plyometric exercises, gymnastics techniques, and other gym and cardio based exercises.

This program is designed to get you fitter, stronger and more functional. 


Must be over 14 yrs to attend


This program is designed to build strength & fitness through a variety of body weighted and equipment-based exercises.  Bootcamp is an endurance-focused program that will have you sweating and burning and leave you feeling empowered!



Metafit is the ultimate 30 min HIIT program. Designed to boost your fitness, rocket your energy levels & get massive results in the shortest amount of time possible. Metafit gets results because it creates a metabolic disturbance, increases your resting metabolic rate and keeps you burning for longer. 

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Pilates is a great form of gentle exercise and rehabilitation in disguise. Combining balance, core strength, flexibility, and stretching, Pilates will rectify and improve posture and increase body awareness and leave you feeling calm and centred.   

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Little Bootcamp

Monday & Thursdays 3.30 pm (45 mins)
School Term 10 wk block program - Paid Upfront

Fun and functional fitness for kids from ages 5 to 11 yo.  We teach them the importance of exercise and how to become stronger, increase balance, flexibility, mobility, build confidence and work out in a group environment.

Perfect for beginners and also kids who want to get fitter and stronger for their team sports. 


Beginner Bootcamp

Monday & Thursday 4.30 pm (45 mins)
12 wk block program - Paid Upfront

The perfect beginner program.

Whether you're starting out or returning to fitness, this program is designed to start slowly, teach good techniques and movement. Building as you get fitter and stronger. 

We have seen massive results with this program over the last decade.  

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Teens Strength & Conditioning

Tuesday 3.30 pm (45 mins)
School Term 10 wk block program - Paid Upfront

An excellent program for 12 to 13 yo. This program focuses on strength & conditioning, which will increase their fitness, strength, speed, agility, balance, coordination, and confidence. It incorporates Olympic weightlifting, plyometric exercises, gymnastics techniques, and other equipment-based movements.


This program builds the foundation for discipline and training mindset, and friendships and will challenge them. Perfect for those wanting to excel in sport or get them fitter and moving better all round.

Over 60's Fit for Life 

Tuesday & Thursday 10.15 am (45 mins)
12 wk block - Paid Upfront

This is a low intensity and rewarding program for the older population to get more out of life and make everyday movements easier. Focusing on balance, strength, range of movement and confidence.We cater for all abilities, work around injuries, and ensure everyone feels like they have accomplished something.  

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Join the Storm Fitfam and get unlimited classes and open gym!  Get access to our members only facebook group and exclusive members only events and activities both in and outside of the gym.

*Weekly Direct Debit. ​

Paid in full options for 1,3,6 or 12 months.

Email or DM socials for details


Walk ins welcome.

Cash Only for Casuals.


See timetable for session duration.

Personal Trainer

Upon Request

Need some extra motivation and support. Our coaches are available for 1:1 personal training session. 

Contact us for more details.

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